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Mind, Body & Bath - Soaps, Skincare, Soy Candles

Handmade Soaps, Skincare, Soy Candles, Oils & More!

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Soy Candles - 16oz


Our Candles are made with 100% soy wax. There are several benefits of soy candles vs. parrafin candles (regular wax candles are made out of parrafin).  


- Soy candles last twice as long as parrafin (regular candles)

- Soy candles are chemical free & do not contain harmful carcinogens  like regular candles do. They burn clean & without a lot of soot/smoke.

- Soy candles also burn evenly down to the bottom of the candles jar.

- Soy candles are safer for your health, the environment, small children & pets.

This listing is for our 16oz Soy Candle which will give you approx. 120 hours of burn time!

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